Letters from Barbara Wootton can be found in her archives and in those of her friends and colleagues. We have put a few on this website.
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A letter from Barbara to Richard Titmuss, Ann Oakley’s father, congratulating him on his appointment as a professor at the London School of Economics in 1950, and inviting him to lunch in Charlotte Street.
A letter from Barbara to Peter Parker, Chairman of the British Railways Board, dated March 1978, complaining about the lack of heating in the waiting room at her local railway station in Dorking. 
A letter from Barbara to the social scientist and poverty campaigner, Peter Townsend, in 1971, about his invitation to her to give a seminar.*
A cheerful postcard from Barbara to Peter Townsend dated December 1980, expressed admiration for his work and noting their long-term friendship.*
*Thanks to Baroness Jean Corston for permission to reproduce these